International Brake Industries

International Brake Industries (IBI)¬†designs, sources, and packages brake system hardware components and repair kits for the automotive aftermarket. IBI’s sales are focused on hardware kits, either for drum or disc systems, which are a collection of related parts sold in one package and specific to a particular vehicle’s braking system. Utilizing a “first to market” approach, IBI has positioned itself with its customer as a reliable supplier of both kit and bulk hardware components of nearly every braking system. Additionally, the Company sells its own branded line of component kits under the Carlson brand name.

The Company’s sales consist primarily of hardware kits, servicing both disc and drum systems. The kits consist of various component parts, including attaching plate and shoe hardware, which are sourced from both internal and outside suppliers. With a product offering of over 15,000 active SKUs, available as either kits tailored to a specific brake system or in bulk, IBI offers its customer s both the scale and responsiveness necessary to be first to market following the introduction of new or refined braking system.

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